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All crew members (the skipper is excluded from this) pay a jointly determined amount into the board cash. All common costs incurred by the crew during the trip are calculated from this fund

like shopping, restaurant visits, entrance fees for national parks, port fees, costs for diesel,

Water etc. denied. The skipper will be catered for by the crew during the trip .






Anyone can, if they want, help with sailing, steer the ship or just enjoy the beautiful nature and the day. In addition, everyone is jointly responsible for the physical well-being of the crew. This means that it is everyone's turn to prepare breakfast or to take care of dinner

take care of. Usually the hobby cooks quickly crystallize on board, and those who don't care about the art of cooking just hold back here and wash up.

When berthing and casting off, everyone usually lays according to their abilities and after instruction by the skipper

with hand on. The boat is to be kept clean by the crew members during the trip.

However, the final cleaning is done by the Marina staff.





Cabin charter is the best and easiest way to experience life on board a sailboat

because previous knowledge or sailing certificates are not necessary!

You should be a swimmer and have some team spirit.


However, if you already know a little bit about sailing or even already have a sailing education, the cabin charter gives you the opportunity to try out further under the guidance of the skipper

and thus to achieve more security for future cruises.


On a charter cruise, cabins are rented to individuals, couples, families or groups.

In this way you will always meet like-minded people, make new acquaintances and have an experienced skipper at your side who will take care of all nautical matters.

Of course, the crew has the possibility to shape the course of the cruise according to their own wishes,

if safety and weather conditions permit.




In most cases, the fear of seasickness is completely unfounded. The body usually gets used to life on board a yacht relatively quickly. If you want to be on the safe side, you can get preventive medication in the pharmacy. The sheltered location of the Ionian Islands, as well as the mostly relatively short distances, allow you to quickly forget any sign of seasickness in the wonderful anchor bays.




Our sailing trips through the Ionian archipelago start and end in the Gouvia Marina on the island of Corfu.

The marina can be reached in about 15 minutes by taxi from the airport. Before and after the trip

All the amenities of the modern marina, such as shops, restaurants, bars, swimming pool and more are available to our guests.


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