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The Ionian Islands stretch along the Greek west coast from Albania in the north down to the Peloponnese

in the south.

Between the main islands of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kephalonia and Zakynthos with their picturesque fishing villages and romantic harbours there are countless small, partly uninhabited islets where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe.


The islands in the Ionian Sea are considerably greener than those in the south due to the climatic conditions and their protected location.

in the Aegean Sea.

The prevailing summer wind "Maestro" also provides

for fantastic sailing conditions, which even beginners can enjoy

and even families with small children,

to discover this mystical Mediterranean region by catamaran.


The Ionian Islands are our home territory in the Mediterranean.

Our cruises start in the Marina Gouvia on the island of Corfu

and end up there too.


A sailing trip in the legendary Ionian islands is more

than just a maritime experience.

The ubiquity of Greek mythology and its gods and heroes gives this voyage an irresistible charm.

The morning and midday hours on board are usually quite calm

and contemplative, until the "Maestro" in the afternoon

by up to 5 Beaufort. Now even ambitious sailors get their money's worth and can prove their skills. Towards evening the wind dies down again and gives the crew a calm night on board.

Due to the prevailing weather conditions and the islands' sheltered location, each trip can be individually tailored to your needs.

to the needs of the crew.

No matter whether the youngest member is only 3 or the oldest is already 80 years old.


Of course you can also take trips with us to neighbouring sailing areas. For example to the north along the Croatian Adriatic coast, to the west to Italian Calabria or far south to Sicily.


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