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French Polynesia


After we have succumbed to this island paradise several times,

has now gripped us again with longing.

Since the islands of French Polynesia are somewhat exposed to Europe, we have deliberately chosen this time to travel without compromise.

in terms of time and luxury.




Date: Date postponed - New date soon

Yacht: Catamaran

Price: 1.790 € to 2.200 €





The South Seas is certainly a childhood dream for most people.

Blue-green lagoons, palm-lined beaches and in the middle of

a jagged rock massif like from a fantasy film.

Hardly any other place in the world stands for so much perfect beauty

in spirit and nature like the South Seas.


On our cruise we will visit the part of the Society Islands,

which is called "the islands under the wind".

The cruise starts in the Uturoa Marina on Raiatea Island,

where we will board our luxuriously equipped catamaran. The boat itself is a fast and comfortable Catana 55 Carbon Infusion catamaran. The yacht is almost 17 m long and almost 8 m wide. The catamaran has 6 double cabins, each with its own toilet/shower and is equipped with air conditioning, generator, watermaker, electric toilets and much more.


Raiatea is the largest of the "Windward Islands" and is located in a lagoon with the island of Tahaa. On the reefs of the lagoons there are always small coral islands, which are called Motus here.

Raiatea is famous for the black pearls of the South Seas.

There are also some historical sites that are worth a visit.

Over rivers you can take a dinghy into the dense rainforest

and the wasteful fauna penetrate. In the middle of the lagoon there are some pearl farms where you can watch the pearl divers with mask and snorkel at work, to be initiated later into the art of pearl farming.

The second, smaller island of the lagoon is called Tahaa.

It is much less populated, offers dream beaches and typical bays of the South Seas. Cities or larger settlements - no chance! But you can enjoy a traditional earth oven meal here.


From Raiatea we sail in 3-4 hours.

This island is the epitome of the South Seas. In the Bloody Mary Yacht Club, where many celebrities from all over the world have already immortalised themselves on the pinboard, we can relax and have a cocktail before being washed down by the warm water of the lagoon. We have often snorkeled and dived here with whole schools of Manta Rays. After we have explored Bora Bora and its surrounding motus extensively and explored every corner of the lagoon, we sail on to the island of Maupiti about 30 nautical miles away.


Maupiti had always been the highlight of every previous trip for us. Here you can get a feeling of what Bora Bora must have been like 30-40 years ago, when tourism was still in its infancy, where you meet strangers with curiosity and hospitality and are entertained privately, with families, in the evening. You will find proverbial Polynesian hospitality from people who are full of joie de vivre, who are at peace with themselves and nature.

Money, the internet and the vices of our modern times also play a role.

a subordinate role. The view from the highest peak of the island over the lagoon and the Onoiau Pass to the Pacific Ocean is ultimate

one of the most unforgettable images that have burned into my head. Again, we will take all the time we need to explore the Motus and the lagoon with all its secrets, make friends and let this unspoilt way of life take its toll on us before we continue on to Huahine and the other islands.


Be curious about a journey with adventures and impressions,

that you will never forget...!


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