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Ahoy! We are Jens and Alex - the founders of BaMa Yachting.


It was a good 20 years ago that we strolled through the marinas in Greece and marvelled at the yachts moored there,

which immediately awakened our longing for freedom and the vastness of the sea. And so the dream germinated in us to hoist the sails ourselves one day.


Shortly afterwards, the time actually came:

In the Tuscan archipelago, we went out to sea for the first time on a charter.

out to sea on a charter.


And it wasn't just sailing along for long!

Just one year later we had a sailing licence in our pocket and explored the

and explored the Mediterranean with friends on our first trip.

From then on, sailing was the most important thing in our lives.


We set sail again and again: South Seas, Caribbean, Brazil, Indian Ocean, Seychelles, Bahamas, New Caledonia, Thailand, Malaysia, Madagascar - we ploughed through the seven corners of the world.

we ploughed through the seven seas.

and soon we were up to all the tricks of the trade.


But we were always drawn back to Greece,

with its beautiful islands, hospitable people and delicious food.

and delicious food, Greece offers one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean.

And it's practically on our doorstep!


After more than 20,000 nautical miles on charter yachts, it was clear to us,

that it was time to share our passion, our love of discovery

and enthusiasm to share and pass on.

So in 2014 we founded BaMa Yachting.

and bought our first own "dream ship": the "Avalon",

a Belize 43 catamaran.

Of course, the choice of home port was easy for us:

Gouvia Marina on the Ionian island of Corfu.


Our destination is not only the most beautiful beaches, the most secluded bays and the bluest lagoons

of the fabulous Greek islands.

Rather, we want to awaken your desire for sailing!

Therefore, friendship on board, discovering our earth and foreign cultures as well as respectful togetherness are in the foreground for us.

And so you don't come on board with us as customers,

but as like-minded people with the common dream of freedom and the sea.


We look forward to seeing you!


         Jens & Alex


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